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19 December 2027 @ 07:40 am

I post about...
ミ✩ An Cafe.
ミ✩ Cosplay.
ミ✩ Street Fashion, The Japanese kind.
ミ✩ School.
ミ✩ Everyday Life.

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21 January 2027 @ 04:42 pm
About Me!~ :)Collapse )

Just a Heads up. I don't have as many pictures as last year, if any at all. I gave my Camera to my parents at about 1 pm, so I couldnt take any the rest of the day. But anyway!!

April 12th 2009

The Day started with Rae Anne and I arriving at Disneyland at 7:30 in the morning. Our originally plan as to say hi to everyone from Fanime and go to Disneyland for a couple hours. This did not happen xD As soon as we got to the House of Blues there was a line, and we got in it with Tandy right away. This line lasted for probably an hour and 20 minutes, and then they opened the store.

I had previously talked with the shop people at HoB about the Hop the Line deal. So I ran over there and bought something, I was the second person (this comes into play later xD) So then EVERYONE runs over to buy something, because I mean, we all wanted to be up front. When the line for the Hop the Line people started to form there was a bit of fighting over people having friend arriving later and letting them jump in the line with them. Secutiry killed that quickly. They made us line up by the time on our receipt from the HoB store. Once that was all figured out, I ended up as the second person in line, Rae Anne right behind me. Two of our friends behind her, and then Kenston and Tandy just a couple more people down.

Then the wait began. At this point we still had about 9 hours of waiting left xD

Basically we walked around the general area talking with people, moving between the sun and the shade.

Eventually by about 5:30 they moved our line to get us ready to go in at 7:00. At 6:00 I went to pick up my tickets I won in a contest. QAnd because of this I ended up with two extra tickets that were never used, my sister and mother decided not to go.

The Live and Leading up to it.

At about 6:10 I was looking toward the door that we were to go in 50 minutes later. And out of that door walked one of the staff members xD Apparently he walked out the wrong door. He looked at me and I looked at him and he ran back inside. lol~ Nobody saw him except me.

Finally about 7:05 Security came out and searched us with those weird beeping things that detect metal xD looked at our tickets and sent us in. Inside there were two more security. One scanning tickets and one clicking how many people were there. As soon as I passed that, I ran like a crazy down the two steps and into the hall. Right up to the barrier. Dead Center. I was so freaking happy. Rae Anne came in right behind me and got next to me.

the hall filled up pretty quick. And I couldn't wait for it to start. I kept asking Jannika every minute what time it was. To my surprise no one has started calling on An Cafe like at Fanime last year. So at like 7:56 at the top of my lungs I screamed "AN CAFE!" and then continued on (An Cafe, An Cafe, An Cafe. etc) So yeah I got the chant going xD People tried after me by it died really quickly.

So after about 7 minutes of that, The opening music started to play, and of course there was a sudden surge forward XD into the barrier I went. lol~

First out was Teruki, followed by Yuuki (Who almost jumped off stage xD), Kanon, Takuya and of Course Miku.

The show started with Cherry Saku Yuuki as I had thought it would, which as it was last year, is an amazing song live. It wonderful to chant the periodic elements and scream Sine, Cosine, Tangent-o xD. The audience was pretty loud, but I had hoped we could give Argentina a run for their money. I dont think so, atleast not at this point. My Arms were tired already after this song, because I put so much force into it, as well as screaming xD

Next was Tekesuta Kousen. I think this may possibly be one of my favorite songs live. I absolutly love the furi to it and its just so powerful when Miku sings it. The front row was moving their arms a lot so even though I was doing the furi it was difficult. D:

Kawayu's Rock followed, and let me tell you. I was REALLY looking forward to this song live. I recentlly really started listening to it, and love it. Of course, almost no one did the furi. xD I saw myself, Rae Anne and Nicole doing it. But im sure Kenston and the rest of our group was as well. This song was a lot of fun. Really powerful, and Miku was growling. HOT xD (I can say after this live, I have a new love for Miku. he really gets into it and loves it). You know it also could have been that when he kinda sat down on the stage and turned toward the center he stared right at me while singing.

I think Summer Dive was next. I totally forgot they were going to play this. But I was really excited, because I personally really like this song xD It was a lot of fun and the whole band was really into it.

then was ZetsuBou. Now to tell the truth. Im not extremely fond of this song and feel they should have taken it out and placed in one more older song. Something like 3P, Candy Holic, Escapism, Touhi Kairo. yeah. But anyway. Its a lot better live then it is on the CD xD It really got into it actually and had fun. It also gave me a chance to rest my arms a bit.

Next was a slow song. Orange Dream. It was a really emotional song, and it made me a little angry that people were screaming during it. Its a song that deserved silence or quiet cheering and claping at the end. But none the less I kinda just stood there and half way through I started to cry. Bou was my favorite member and everytime I hear that song it always makes me thing I watching the last live and seeing Bou cry, you know since its a song for Bou and all xD. But yeah.

Then there was a short MC/intro thing. You know the typical intro with the claping and screaming the members names.

Then after this Miku asked Yuuki to come down. It was time for Nyappy in the World 4. :D ive been waiting for this song. Even though I absolutly hated it when I first heard it, it has been growing on me and once I saw the video of Yuuki dancing and singing to it, I couldnt wait for it. It was so freakin' awesome. Miku and Yuuki kinda had a little battle on stage xD like singing at each other and stuff and jumping around trying to punch at each other. The furi to this song was super easy too. But fun. Miku and Yuuki each took sides of the stage and had the cround scream and cheer. Again during this song Miku gave me a little smile, Rae Anne as well. :D

Duck Magical Adventure was next. Ive been waiting for this song FOREVER xD;; So of course I gave it my all. As did everyone else. This is where the power finally came in. I could hear everyone screaming "what you, what you are" it was really amazing to hear. I wish we could have gotten it on video so I could watch it. Miku threw a Mickey Mouse signed by all the members into the audience, and like at almost all the other lives, everyone in the area fell down xD; I laughed and turned back around, the look on Miku's face after making everyone fall down was priceless xD We shared a moment there. haha~ then "Music Start-o" and the headbanging continues. During this song I got hit twice with the hammer. Which made me really excited xD I also got a really cute smile from Miku when I was going to headbang. But I think the best part what when [for all of you that saw this, it was me who he was infront of xD] Miku stuck the Donald on his fucking croch while we were headbanging and started dancing with it there, I look up to see this after headbanging and he smiles down at me and laughs a bit xD It was so cute. But I was shocked at the time.

following Duck I think Miku introduced the members and let them say something. It was either here or right after the member song. xD Not quite sure.

Then was Aroma. I loved this song the first time I heard it. But since it only just came out I wasn't 100% on the lyrics yet xD so it was a lot of jumping and trying to sing along. haha~ twas a lot of fun though. Plus Miku got down on his little platform and tried to be all sexy. it was so fucking cute. And of course, it got a lot of screams and there was a huge surg forward. ouch. But anyway, really powerful song. Im really glad I got to heard it live.

My Heart Leaps for "C" followed. Unlike Rae Anne I love this song xD It was really cute live too and MIku gave it his all after telling us his heart leaps for all of us. haha~

and last was Snow Scene. Im so freakin' glad they played this. Its one song ive been dying to hear live. It was super powerful and the members were all really into it. Sounded amazing! *-* and Kanon's little bass part was love. haha.

After this they left the stage and all that was left was the Encore. Again like before the show people sucked at calling for them. I mean they tried. But EVERYONE was saying something different and I tried to go with the majority. But I really wanted to scream "Mou Kai/Mou Ippai" or something instead of "An Cafe" and then was killed me was it almost got dead quiet and they just stopped calling. Of course they werent gonna come back till we called either. So I just fucking started screaming "Mou Kai" as loud as I could. Rae Anne and Nicole joined me. As well as the girl behind and to my side (whos name I never learned. she was so nice) And then the tech guys waved them out xD

Of course the next song was BondS ~Kizuna~. Which I was really happy for. I had my BondS towel and Id been waiting for this song all night. I pulled it out and started swinging it around. My god it hurts to swing that thing around for the 8 or so minutes that BondS becomes when it is live. But it was a blast. I just kept going and going. Miku spit water on us and dumped it on his head. Im so glad he spit like 4 bottles on the middle area xD It was fucking (excuse my language) hot right there. And as gross at it kinda was..I also really enjoyed it xD plus it felt really good. BondS felt like it could go on forever. it was really amazing. xD At one point Miku was down on the stage and Rae Anne reached out and touched his BondS towel and she didnt even notice till he stood up. lol~ and Kanon almost fell off stage D: when he ran up front to play his front foot sliped off the stage a bit. but at last it came to an end and there was only one song left.

"Show my your special smile" SMILE ICHIBAN II ONNA!!! hands down this is one of the most powerful songs live, the entire audience gets into it. Even when I thought I could no long jump because I was so squished I did. I jumped with everything I had xD I gave it my all and I wish it had never ended xD It was so way to amazing. those last words are so powerful "Kimi wa boku no taiyou sa" God it was amazing.

But as all good things, it came to an end. Way too quickly I might add. It felt like we were there for only minutes and it was over. All the members waved goodbye and got down to thank the fans. I got to touch Miku, Takuya, Yuuki and Kanon's hands. Kanons was more like a handshake xD I stuck my hand out and he specifically reached out too me. And he took my bracelet that said 'Nyappy' on it. lol. and Rae Anne and I got to poke his shoes. lol~ I was really sad I didnt get to touch/shake Teruki's hand. He is so amazing D:

But oh well, I got more than I could as for anyway xD Miku smiled at me a lot more than I figure he would. You know how you can just tell when he is looking at you? it odd really. haha~. But things finally ended with Miku taking a picture of them and the audience. He had bunny ears on that a girl threw onto the stage. It was super cute. I really hope I ended up in the picture lol, not just my hands. And finally they left the stage...Teruki was the last one to leave. And it was over. OH! and...they said they would be back. ;D [Round 3? I think so xD]

My daddy bought stuff for me before hand, so I already had everything I wanted. getting down the stairs from upstrairs after I walked up there with Rae Anne and Jannik was a challenge though xD plus I was soaked in sweat and water that Miku spit on us xD I was soaked through my two shirts, pants and skirt, and my bonds towel was really gross xDD;;

Overall, I must say im extremely thankful for the chance to see An Cafe for a second time as well as being able to have the bar a second time. I dont think I could ask for more (well I could, but I wont xD). The live was Absolutly amazing, I dont know how it could have been more so. I hope everyone had an Amazing time as well :D if I got some stuff out of order please let me know. Im only certain on like the first 3 and the last 3. haha. I blanked on the rest. Expecially where Summer Dive, Nyappy 4 and Duck Magical Adventure go. But you get the just of it I think ;D

[btw. I hurt bad D: I have a lovely bruise on my knee, as large as my knee xD and I cant move my head or sing/laugh because my chest is bruised as well xD The barrier was so high, it hurtttt, and im not short either. Im sorry to everyone who is shorter than me and was against it]


front-ish of the line. It wraped around to other places.

awesome attempt at a HoB sign shot. didn't work. but thats where it was

[next pictures will be of merch.]
Window sticket. which I bought to put in my car. But my windows are too tinted D:


huge ass poster.

Nyappy Go Around The World BondS Towel (Im pretty sure its the same at last years NGAW one, since it doesnt say 2 [II] on it.)

The Harajuku Dance Rock CD.  So uhm. see that crack in the side >.<;; I fucking cracked the case already ;_; I accidentally placed my elbow on it. FML

sideways. sorry. Tour Shirt

Again Sideways. Back Side

the right way ;D Tour dates.

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28 January 2009 @ 01:49 pm
"When you walk away you don't hear me say please, oh baby don't go. Simple and clean is the way you're making me feel tonight. It's hard to let it go."

I needed to start with said quote from Simple and Clean because it kinda sums up this years PCC I suppose xD It has a few meaning I suppose. Atleast to me. haha. Anyway. Onward!


Friday I left school during lunch (11:30) to head home and start getting ready. It took me about 45 minutes to get totally ready (makeup, costume, hair, and finish cleaning my room.) Eventually I got all my stuff in the car, which was a lot, I had a suitcase and a backpack. We got about a mile from the house and I realized I left my ticket sitting on my dresser xD So we had to turn around and get it. Meaning I was a little later than I had wished. I finally arrived at the con a little after 12:30.

I ran around in my Bou costume for a while, almost everyone I knew was busy though so I spent a lot of time by myself. Expecially since the con was dead becuase it was a Friday during School/work. (I have yet to find pictures of me in my Bou costume. Only like 10 were taken) Finally at 2:30 I headed to Song's room to get ready for the fashion show. I was there till 4. And let me tell you its was really fucking cold in their hotel room xD at 4:20 we headed down to the sage for the fashion show for practice. Now. let me show you my outfit.

I had like 6 inch (ish) stipper heels on xD Before fashion show practice. I totally fell. It was the only time id fallen in the shoes the whole 2 weeks id had them and been practicing in them. Haha. Anyway, we practiced with out music and then I precticed for the regular fashion show. The Fashion Show started a little after 5:30 and oh my gosh I was so nervous. Luckily everything went fine and I didnt fall or run off stage or anything xD I was actually a lot of fun!

But, after I got off was the hard part I had about 10 minutes to Change from that outfit to this one.

But, once I got changed I still had a bit of time, even though I didnt put everything on that I wanted to wear ;_; and as well I had to wear my bou wig instead of using my real hair. But all went well, I was super excited this time to walk, and I kinda hoped around when I was out there. The second time I was a lot less nervous and had a better time :D Soon though the fashion show ended and it was time for another quick change.

After the fashion show ended I had to run back and change into my lolita dress, I really dont know how I managed to pack everything that day. But anyway, I changed and finally had some free time after about 4 hours xD I went to hang out with Derek. Somthing I havent done in a LONG time. But again, around 7:30 I had to go start curling my hair for the Lolita pannel which I was modeling sweet lolita for.

(before I got a chance to curl my hair ;_;)

The pannel went really well :D arisu_diamante did an amazing job speaking about the styles. Afterward Aiko, myself, and Aiko's friend (I cant belive I never learned her name o.o). Posed for a bunch of people to take pictures xD I still am looking to find one of these pictures. haha.

After the pannel I parted ways with Kyle and headed off to the rave. Which once again was complete failure, expect the decorating, which was wonderful. So, Derek, Travis, and I headed home to catch some sleep (or atleast I did) for the long day ahead on Saturday.


Saturday I woke up at 6:45 to start getting ready. I packed up all my Misa stuff and started to put on my Rena costume. It took me forever to get ready becuase of Rena's body paint. But I finally got it all on with a little help from my sister and dad xD. I aswell had to help my younger sister get ready, since she was attending the con. Her first convention. She was dressed at Princess Daisy from Mario and her friend was Luigi.

We were both finally ready about 5 minutes before her friends parents were to pick us up. So my Mom and Dad wasnted to take pictures. So they got a picture of us together and separate.

(The two existing pictures of my Rena cosplay.)

But...right as I was about to leave I smacked my arm into the counter and part of my arm brace broke. So I ran to my room to fix it, and on the way there I notice I broke on of the spikes on my elbow. And when I looked down the silver on my shoes was coming apart o.o everything seemed to be going wrong. Finally I decided I didnt have time to fix everything and I took it all on and decided I had to change into my Misa costume. I washed all my body paint that took so long to put on off, and quickly put my Misa on. by the time I was ready I was 45 minutes later than I was hoping to be. Luckily, everyone else was arrive late too so it didnt really matter in the end. haha

I spent my of my day posing for pictures. I couldn't really get anywhere without someone stoping me. I had to take my bag on an off a lot xD but it was well worth it, people really loved my Misa costume and I got some wonderful photos taken, as well as some by professional photographers. Which was amazing :D Taking pictures really sums up my Saturday.


Eventually arisu_diamante</lj> put his Light costume on and thus commence more posing and picture taking xD The reactions were wonderful and I cant wait till Matsuri when we wear them again. ;D


These are the best two LightxMisa pictures thus far. People are just not posting as many pictures as I would have liked xDD


Sunday was another busy day. Or atleast the morning was. First thing I did was bake about 50 mini cupcakes. Then I had to frost them o.o but luckily I only had to frost half. xD Finally once that was done I started to get ready. I showered and dried my hair and such things. Then Rae Anne showed up and I hadn't even started to curl my hair yet =o.

So she was ready a lot earlier than I was xD I was still curling my hair and she was totally ready. I hadnt even put my lolita dress on or anything. So I still had to do that and I totally forgot I needed to put my nails on and take the black nail polish off. ooppsss. haha. So that took a little longer. But eventually slow Gabi was ready and we got there about 10:45ish? We were well recieved, it was really nice having pictures taken, even if some people didnt know we were in a fashion. We were just cute to them. Haha. At 12:00 we headed over to the tea. Which was a lot of fun. We played games and ate and stuff. ^.^ I knew a lot more people this year too, where as last year I knew like 2 people. haha. Still though, me and Rae Anne ended up sitting with people we didnt know. Lame.


We left the tea around 2:45 I think? and wandered into the dealers room to buy stuff xD Because buying stuff is always fun and I hadn't bought anything all weekend. (okay I did but it was earlier in the day right before the tea. haha) We took a couple more pictures and then deicded it was time to leave becuase there wasnt much left to do.

Thus. The end of Phoenix Comicon 2009!!~

Over all it was a lot of fun and I can't wait for next year :D
ill probably do a picture spam post of all the pictures I took of other people~!

***No cut unless someone gets all Rawr on my and is like "put it under a cut yo!"
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15 December 2008 @ 06:22 pm

Okay, I know ive asked about Waka's hair before. I have all the pictures from her blog of her new hair, but im wondering if anyone has any pictures of the back of her hair, when its styled or not. Im gonna have serious issues explain to the hair stylist what I want if I dont have a picture. Let me tell you, those damn salon girls will not give me an asian mullet if I ask for it xD They will be all WTF? but yes, pictures. spam me with them if you have any xD or hell the back of any VK persons hair with the Asian/VKei mullet thing going on.

As well, I am quite fond of my hair, and its not going to have this new style for a few more months, maybe february? But what im also wondering is if I should change my bangs. Right now I have them so they come to the point in the center, and I really love it becuase people are always like "Is that suppose to be there?!" but im thinking of maybe changing them...I dunno, what do you guys thing, more side-ish cut choppy bangs or leave them how they are and just make them a bit more choppy/ better looking xD?

17 October 2008 @ 01:12 pm
Do anyone have any idea how to cover up freckles?! they dont bother me too much in everyday stuff, but when it comes to street fashion and expecially cosplay they do since most characters do not have freckles. so any ideas?
17 October 2008 @ 12:51 pm
I have spent so much time on deviantART the last couple day, I guess im lacking in things to do xD im so boredddd. you all should entertain me, kay ;D
16 October 2008 @ 06:33 pm
So, I finally pulled that huge chunk of skin off the cut I got on my toe yesterday. Yeah the skin stayed on xD So once I took it off it wasnt as bad as I thought, it just looked really nasty. Im glad, becuase hopefully it will be healed enough by Saturday for me to wear my Misa boots. :D

Today I spent like all my time online xD just looking at random stuff, mostly pictures, I found a lot of really pretty street fashion pictures, and it kept making me think how ugly I am xD and how much I hate my freckles. ;_; but anyway, I got some really good outfit ideas, yay! but mostly I was just looking at visual/oshare hair cuts, since after I cosplay Bou for PCC im cutting my hair like that. You know the really popular vk style where you have a billion layers on the top part of your head so you can spike them and then the rest of your hair is really long and is pulled to the front over your sholders. yeah. that. I just hope it looks good when I do it. so if anyone has any pictures of anyone with hair like such please send them too me, I need all the references I can get, since ill probably cut it myself, or have my friend Ryan cut it.

GAH, I really wish it was Saturday, ive been having cosplay withdraws and I really need to cosplayy xD BTW, Kyle, do you by chance have any idea what the prize is for the Atomic Comics cosplay contest?

but anyway, speaking of cosplay, I was thinking the other day how Christy was talking about the end of cosplay season, everyones cosplay season is in the summer and fall. My cosplay season is like the winter and early spring. all the cons out here are in the time period between January and April. Now of course once I start being a traveling cosplayer that will change, since im planning on attending AX and SDCC this coming year, as well as possibly fanime again, who knows. hmph, so anyway, I really wish my good friends cosplayed, everyone seems to have friends with similar interests and that are cosplayers as well. ive never had the experience of traveling to a con with a group of friends and having weird con experiences with them, the only person is Rae Anne and she doesnt cosplay, so I just feel so left out compared to all my other cosplay friends in different states. Though, I guess the whole cosplay scene is extremely different out here in Arizona, we are so dull xD

Mmm, so long post is long, ill just stop talking about stuff that no one cares about now. kay. bai.
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15 October 2008 @ 04:27 pm

So, I totally just cut my toe open xD me and my sister were at the park and I went to jump of some stairs (becuase I love acting like a child and playing at parks) and as I jumped my toe hit one of those holes in the floor of the playground and totally ripped a huge chunk of skin of the top of my toe xD It was bleeding so bad, my whole toe was covered in blood (wello it was becuase I was walking on it) and my grandma and sister were freaking out more than I was. I even walked through the sand with it bleeding and I just dumped some water on it and wraped a sock around it (one of my pretty pink striped socks ;_; ) and I totally walked 2 blocks home xD It hurts pretty bad though, I hope its healed enough by Saturday otherwise wearing my Misa boots is NOT going to be fun.

Well Im gonna go download MSN messenger on my grandparents computer. yeah.

15 October 2008 @ 08:05 am
So I finally watched the two leaked trailers of BBS and Days, and im actually starting to understand how both connect to the whole series in general xD and why there are 14 members in the organization and where Xion comes from, so if im not totally crazy, what I understand is that Kairi has 2 nobodies? Xion can wield the keyblade and Namine has the magic over peoples memories. As for BBS, its still a bit hard to exaplain but over all I get it xD Im liking Aqua's normal outfit more now too.

Both the cames are still coming out next year though ;_; well in Japan atleast. Meaning from when they come it it will still be another like 5 months till they are here. Lameee. Oh well gives me time to buy a PSP, plus Re:CoM comes out at Christmas, so I have somthing to do for a bit xD I hope they have been working on KH3 as well >.<;; it was rumored to be released in 2010 or 11. doesnt look like thats going to happen with the rate they are going with the other 3. Who knows though, one games is easier to produce than 3. haha, but still they have the final fantasy games to work on as well, plus Star Ocean 4 comes out soon too. xD And somewhere in all this they made TWEWY. how they do it, I dont know.

Anyway, enough KH spam, I must go pack for my Grandparents, as well as check to see if there are any new patches for WoW to be downloaded this morning after yesterday fricken huge update.